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Here is what a few of our clients across Canada have to say! *

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Here is what just a few of our clients have to say about our service: *

 It is a positive safe return. My original investment is still intact, no principal lost. 

Richard R., Port Coquitlam, BC | November 28, 2023
Investor since 2018

 Capital Direct has met my investing plans to a T. I liked the website and when I phoned to inquire the staff was friendly and knowledgable. Secure rate of return. 

Fred H., Burnaby, BC | November 10, 2023
Investor since 2017

 I was getting positive returns during bear markets. Safe returns around 7% while interest rates were low. 

Norman S., Coquitlam, BC | October 23, 2023
Investor since 2016

 Very satisfied! I get a money deposit from Capital Direct each quarter that helps to pay bills. 

Helen P., Vancouver, BC | October 18, 2023
Investor since 2017

 We trust the stability and the record of the income trust. Annual high return has allowed us to withdraw funds and maintain our original investment. Keep doing what you have been doing quarterly! 

David G., North Vancouver, BC | October 2, 2023
Investor since 2018

 Consistent payouts with good explanation. I have recommended many clients to Capital Direct based on my investment knowledge and experience. I first heard about it on the radio, so I researched a few competitors and chose Capital Direct. 

Joe T., Surrey, BC | September 20, 2023
Investor since 2017

 I'm an accountant and always liked the consistent increase in values, every year. It'a a good/great fixed income product that works with other investments ie. Stock Market. Capital Direct is a stable investment.  

Gord W., North Vancouver, BC | September 15, 2023
Investor since 2018

 Our family dealt with Capital Direct for years. My retirement savings have grown way more than expected. Your support staff is great. I really appreciate a human answering the phone. Keep Éire! 

Lesley S., Pitt Meadows, BC | September 10, 2023
Investor since 2016

 After seeing various Capital Direct Income Trust advertisements I researched them and found that was a trusted company. I am getting steady returns year after year. I would suggest it to my friends as everything is open and transparent. 

Dave D., Delta, BC | August 30, 2023
Investor since 2017

 We are conservative investors and feel Capital Direct Income Trust gives a fair return on our investment. The trust has consistently paid approximately 7% interest and we get the interest paid directly into our bank account every 3 months. 

Cec H., Grand Forks, BC | January 26, 2023
Investor since 2014

 Stress-free interactions with 'real' people. Up-to-date reports on investments and changes to policies on a regular basis and of course great interest rates. Capital Direct offers the best interest rates. 

Camilla H., North Vancouver, BC | December 8, 2022
Investor since 2016

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 We have had a good experience so far and have made more with investment than with our bank accounts or other shares/stocks. Very nice people - Eire has been our main contact. 

Kathleen M., Vancouver, BC | December 6, 2022
Investor since 2015

 Peace of mind, unlike the stock market. It's a safe investment during these turbulent times. The staff are wonderful to deal with, efficient, thoughtful and positive. 

Wesley K., Vancouver, BC | December 5, 2022
Investor since 2015

 It's a worthy trust company with very good quarterly income. 

Candy Y., Vancouver, BC | November 17, 2022
Investor since 2021

 Sounded like a good investment with good returns and constant growth. The company is managed well and my investment is secure. 

Giovanni P., Burnaby, BC | September 26, 2022
Investor since 2015

 After attending your offices and learning about the investment it was an easy decision to invest. Safe investments, good rate of return run by a well-managed company. I am confident in Capital Direct that my money is safe. 

Anna P., Burnaby, BC | September 23, 2022
Investor since 2015

 My investment is well and safe. Quarterly return is on time in the bank for me. Steady rate. 

Harry R., Surrey, BC | September 14, 2022
Investor since 2014

 Proven to be a solid investment. Two best things - capital preservation and growth! 

Bill W., Maple Ridge, BC | February 8, 2022
Investor since 2012

 I was looking for non-correlated investment to complement equity investments. I get steady income stream, no market gyrations. Very well run, diversified geographically, good clear reporting. 

Peter H., Vancouver, BC | February 3, 2022
Investor since 2013

 I chose it as per consistent returns and diversification from equities. I am confident that it is a safe investment and that interest rates will be slowly increasing. Everything is great! 

Darcy B., Kelowna, BC | February 2, 2022
Investor since 2013

 Stable and secured returns on investment. I would suggest it to others because of integrity of professional conduct of the management team. 

Anonymous, Vancouver, BC | January 14, 2022
Investor since 2013

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 Capital Direct I Income Trust fund is a reliable product with good returns. It is not too risky and can provide income. "DRIP" is a good feature (dividend reinvestment plan). Keep up the good work! 

Jackie L., Richmond, BC | November 22, 2021
Investor since Jan 2010

 The Capital Direct Income Trust was, and continues to be, the perfect vehicle to diversify my investments. I like transparency around mortgages in the pool and ability to contact staff to have questions answered. Consistent quarterly returns have been the best ongoing benefit. 

Darren T., Saskatoon, SK | November 12, 2021
Investor since Nov 2016

 Good long term investment. Great reporting - feeling of confidence. The fund worked out well for me. I recommend highly! 

Roy P., Delta, BC | November 11, 2021
Investor since Nov 2008

 Much easier than personally managing individual mortgages. Regular income is very stable. More time to enjoy our retirement. Since we invested in Capital Direct One Income Trust we have recommended it to many friends and family members without worrying about them losing money. 

Christine A., West Vancouver, BC | November 10, 2021
Investor since Jun 2008

 I had been referred by a friend who had invested with Capital Direct. I don't have to worry and watch the markets all the time when managing my investments in Capital Direct. In short - steady income with better returns than the banks.  

Peter G., Vancouver, BC | November 8, 2021
Investor since May 2010

 Having worked for Capital Direct for 14 years I was the first person to invest in the income trust. I trusted the management team and had total faith in the company. CDIT has consistent return year after year. Still contributing. Happy with the service! Highly recommend. 

Carol K., Maple Ridge, BC | November 4, 2021
Investor since Aug 2007

 My father recommended CDIT as a great investment holding. CDIT gave him a steady rate of return while letting him sleep well at night. Our investments are based on returns, nature of the business, balance sheets, quarterly reports. CDIT maintains to be a trustworthy investment.  

Frank H., Merritt, BC | November 3, 2021
Investor since Oct 2010

 Consistent rate of return, ease of investment, good customer service. 

Linda W., North Vancouver, BC | November 1, 2021
Investor since May 2010


* Comments provided based on a request for feedback from Capital Direct for which Capital Direct paid a small honorarium

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